AVD Browse 2.3

Version 2.3
AVD Browse is a web browser for the iPad that allows access to a specific website or web page.
AVD Browser was created especially for applications in which the iPad is permanently installed in a holding device, to prevent the user from pressing the Home button. The App can be used in museums, visitor centers and exhibitions, to allow user access to a specific web page without being able to access other sites.
In the App settings the user can set the browser home page, choose to display or hide the StatusBar and the ToolBar and set a timeout that will send the browser back to the home page.
  • Version 1.1 added more customization options and the ability to receive e-mail if the devise is disconnected from external power.
  • Version 2.0 adds the ability to set 3 different Home Pages, disable external links and alerting the administrator when the devise is shaking
  • Version 2.1 adds new Email on App Quit option, server side script option and a Pop Up message on App Quit, Bug fix and performance improvements.
  • Version 2.2 adds option for 10 and 20 sec idle time
  • Version 2.3 adds Local storage option
  • Works in Portrait or Landscape mode
  • No Address bar
  • No Search field
  • No Bookmarks
  • Disabled phone number detection.
  • Shows or hides the top information bar
  • Shows or hides the bottom navigation bar
  • Idle Timeout that sends the browser back to the home page
  • Disable device sleep option.
  • View only mode.
  • E-Mail notification on power disconnect , device shaking and on App Quiting. • Disable links to external sites.
  • Allows for up to 3 different Home Pages.
  • Server Side Script messages on most App actions.
  • Pop Up Message on App Quit.
  • Access files located on a web server or locally on the iPad. Ver 2.3

AVD Browse Ver 1.0 is available for free on the App store. The free version is a very limited version of the full AVD Browse App.

Application Examples:
  • Retail Stores – This App can be used as a high quality digital frame for retail stores. The customer will be able to browse through the retailer's website but will not be able to access other web pages.
  • Visitor Centers and Museums – By placing a number of iPads in the visitor center or museum, AVD Browse can be used as an information station. Each station can display different content and allow the IT manager to update that content easily and remotely.
  • Exhibitions - AVD Browse can be used in an Exhibit booth to allow visitors to surf to the booth owner Web site or to fill an on-line form.

Configuration Screen: (Press Image for details)


What type of sites can I view using "AVD Browse"?
  • Any site that can be viewed using iPhone/iPad Safari can be set and viewed using "AVD Browse".

Can I view an online PDF File?
  • Yes. Set your home screen to the pdf address for example: www.yoursite.com/file.pdf.

How can I design a web page to work seamlessly with AVD Browse?

Is there a fast way to design a picture gallery site that will work with AVD Browse?
  • Try Jalbum, its a free solution for photo album creation.

Where can i find a mount that will cover the home button?