The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

AVD role in the project was divided into two Sections, in the first part we have worked with the museum's curators, interior designers and architects in order to make sure every gallery and every artist will get  full attention and respect. This phase of work included meetings with artists and curators to select the proper screen size , projector type and content delivery method, creating detailed infrastructure drawings for every gallery, supervising the infrastructure installation, issue tenders, select and support the integration contractor during the in the installation phase.

The second part of the job was to support and consult the museum on ways to digitize their analog video collection so that it will be played on the new digital players. The museum has video arts  dating back to the early 70' in formats ranging from VHS true Laserdisc all the way to Digital Beta. All had to be digitized in the correct aspect ratio and bit rate, so they could be played on the new digital players. AVD worked with the curators and with new content creators to verify that it will be played correctly on the digital players.

An innovative solution for ceiling design was presented and designed by AVD. It is a key detail that enables safe and discreet installation for video projectors and exhibition lighting whiles keeping a clean elegant ceiling. This detail was developed by AVD and adopted by the museum architects to be the main technical ceiling detail in almost all galleries an exhibition halls.

The Israeli Opera House, Tel Aviv

The Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv is a multi-function auditorium. It accommodates small to large cast operas, philharmonic orchestras and chamber concerts, Jazz and theater festivals and other events that call for a sophisticated sound system design. Ultimately, we installed two separate sound systems:
  • "Main Sound Reinforcement System", to support amplified musical shows, using
    L-Acoustic systems.
  • "Room Variable Acoustic System", based on the VRAS algorithm in an LCS Matrix3 DSP machine. (These were actually the last hardware and software systems to be sold by LCS before they were acquired by Meyer Sound.) This system was designed together with MediasPro Germany, who supplied the expert acousticians and technicians.
Both systems have been operating daily as of January 2010.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London

With its 1,200 suites, 20 seminar rooms, a 1,400-seater ballroom and a complete system of digital signage, the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel is a reputable Audio-Visual consumer.
Commissioning of AVD's Audio-Visual system began March 2010.
We also designed the entertainment system for the entrance lobby, the performing sound system for the bar and the background music system for the hotel's restaurants and SPA.

Adgar Tower, Petah Tikva

The Adgar Tower was built by the Adgar Group and offers a comprehensive business environment, with a variety of office space for leasing. The building includes a presentation auditorium, a SPA, public restaurants and smart meeting rooms, all designed by AVD.
The Adgar Group headquarters are located on the top floor of the Adgar Tower, where IP-based videoconferencing is used on a daily basis.
All Audio-Visual systems, including a fully comprehensive digital signage system, have been commissioned and in operation since 2008.
The Adgar meeting rooms are an excellent model of hi-tech and décor synergy.

MediaTech, Naharia

A multimedia room where children can enjoy listening to a story that is combined with special effects. The storyteller can choose from up to about 20 effects – each one combining a short animation and sound, together with a synchronized lighting effect..

The auditorium is dual-functioning, providing a magical room for story telling or a standard presentation auditorium with a surround sound system.

Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa: The Time Line Software

The Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa was opened to visitors in November 2009, following four years of design and restoration.
This beautiful Bauhaus structure had been preserved with its original materials and décor.
The interior spaces were designed to accommodate many multimedia features and AVD was the consulting firm for all of them. The most challenging and interesting feature, however, is the interactive Time Line application. The exhibits in the museum are presented according to periods, with a "time line" in each room depicting the main events. Using the AVD designed Audio-Visual interactive application, visitors can browse through a range of digital artifacts (video, audio, images, texts and more).
The AVD Time Line application also includes additional features that enable visitors to further their research using tag clouds, pre-defined categorization of the data and advanced search capabilities.

Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Tel-Aviv Song's System

We designed and specified the development of a music management system for The Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. This system lets the public browse and search through a collection of songs written especially about Tel-Aviv. The visitors can both listen to the songs and view the lyrics.

The Herzl Museum, Jerusalem

The Herzl Museum in Jerusalem is a historical visitor center. It tells the story of the man considered to be the mind behind the modern state of Israel. It was opened to the audience in 2005 and it factions at full capacity ever since. the visit at the visitor's experience can described more like reading a good story than like watching a film. Actually, it’s a story about a young actor who must play the role of Theodore Herzl in a new theatrical show. It appears that although everyone knows the name Herzl very few of us know even the elementary stuff about the man and the period he was living in.

Migdal Boardroom, Tel Aviv

The Migdal executive boardroom is a state of the art boardroom. It was designed to cooperate a pleasant environment for headquarters' board meeting, presentations, audio and video conferences with the mother company GENERALY.
In this room we had to use all the creative resources we could possibly find to allow forty-five board members sitting around a huge conference table to use the best multimedia money can buy. Among other things, we have designed a triple display consisted on a central projector and two LCD panels on special custom made lifts. Each LCD has an HD camera for videoconferencing. The main screen, the LCD displays, the projector and the cameras will disappear into the ceiling when the room turns from a videoconference room into a plain meeting room. The electromechanical custom design and custom made lifts allows for a clean and discrete look whenever the board gathers for a regular meeting, allowing free access to the roof balcony, and concealing the electronics whenever it is not needed. The room is controlled by a Crestron control system. Lights and electro mechanics are controlled by a Lutron system integrated into the main AV controller.

The Generations Center at The Western Wall, Jerusalem

The Western Wall Museum is a historical visitor's center.
The first part of the visit is an underground tour among huge symbolic glass elements, while the second part of the visit is an Audio-Visual show, synchronized with lighting and electromechanical effects, including an innovative theatrical smoke distribution system, holographic projections and a personal language translation system – designed by AVD.
The project was completed and commissioned in June 2009.