The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

AVD role in the project was divided into two Sections, in the first part we have worked with the museum's curators, interior designers and architects in order to make sure every gallery and every artist will get  full attention and respect. This phase of work included meetings with artists and curators to select the proper screen size , projector type and content delivery method, creating detailed infrastructure drawings for every gallery, supervising the infrastructure installation, issue tenders, select and support the integration contractor during the in the installation phase.

The second part of the job was to support and consult the museum on ways to digitize their analog video collection so that it will be played on the new digital players. The museum has video arts  dating back to the early 70' in formats ranging from VHS true Laserdisc all the way to Digital Beta. All had to be digitized in the correct aspect ratio and bit rate, so they could be played on the new digital players. AVD worked with the curators and with new content creators to verify that it will be played correctly on the digital players.

An innovative solution for ceiling design was presented and designed by AVD. It is a key detail that enables safe and discreet installation for video projectors and exhibition lighting whiles keeping a clean elegant ceiling. This detail was developed by AVD and adopted by the museum architects to be the main technical ceiling detail in almost all galleries an exhibition halls.